How to Add your Business or Event

Anyone can add any business to our website or any future event they wish to tell people about. You don’t need to own the business, you can post it as a recommendation for one you use and like. If a business is listed here, the business owner can claim and manage it. Anyone can review a post here but must register to do so. You must also register to post a listing, which is necessary to ensure every post is authentic. It’s very simple to register.

Below is a guide to help you add your business or event:

1) Select the Add listing tab in navigation. If you are an existing user, login now. If a new user please register first then you can add your listing. Choose Add Listing or Add Event. The page will refresh.

2) Select package type: Free or one of the paid options. The page will refresh.

3) Enter the coupon code in the appropriate box if you have one from one of our offers. Otherwise leave blank.

4) Enter your listing details as follows: Select business owner, yes or no? If you own your business choose yes. Otherwise choose no.

5) Insert title of listing.

6) Select the city where the business resides or event is happening. If your city is not listed in the drop down, choose the nearest city and this will show on the map at the correct address.

7) Insert the address of your business or event and click ‘Select Address on Map’ which will set the map to locate your listing on the map on the Home Page and Listing Page.

8) How many options you are able to add or complete depends on the package you have selected. Next add the description in the appropriate box. You can always edit it later or upgrade your listing to add more features/options. There are two tabs above the Description box and How to Register box: Text and Visual. The box opens with Text but after you add your details you can switch to Visual to see how it will look on your page and then go back to Text to continue editing if necessary.

9) Various options follow such as website URL, phone, etc. and you may complete those for your particular package. You will be alerted with a warning message if they are not part of your package. For Events you must insert the date and time. If the calendar doesn’t display when you click on the symbol or in the field, insert the date in the format YYYY-MM–DD as indicated.

10) In the Featured Event package, you have the option to add How to Register. Simply replace the # in the code which you can see in the box: …..class=”button” href=”#”>Register Now…. with your URL, for example, replace # with leaving everything else unchanged. So it will now look like this: …..class=”button” href=””>Register Now…. etc. Please contact us of you have any difficulty with this.

11) For the Free package you can go straight to Add Phone.

11) Choose the categories you wish your listing to appear in. For free you have 2 categories. If you choose a paid listing you have more category choices. For a restaurant you may choose for example Dining>Restaurants. For a service: Services>Business.

12) Next choose an image to upload from your computer under Add Image, Choose Files, which enables you to select a photo on your computer. If you have any problem doing this, publish your listing without it and go back after and select edit and add the image then. You may add more images with paid packages, see the chart: 

13) Accept the Terms and Conditions.

14) Complete the Captcha (which avoids spam posts).

15) Press Review Your Listing and if ok press Publish. You can always go back to edit but do not press cancel if you wish to edit as this will delete the preview.

16) You will now have your listing successfully posted and visible through searching our website. You can always edit your listing at any time after publishing it by clicking on your name at the top of the page where it says ‘Welcome’. This will take you to your own page where you can see all your listings and events and manage them.

Thank you for adding your business or event to our growing directory. If you have any problems, please use the form to contact us:

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