Privacy Policy and GDPR

Privacy Policy: GDPR

This Privacy Policy tells you what we do with your personal information. It explains why we need to use it, how we use it, how it’s protected and the rights you have to control the use of your personal data.

We only use your data for the functionality you need to use our website such as posting places, events and reviews and to help you manage your own login details in order to post. In addition we use Google Analytics, as most websites do, and there are details about this under the Cookie Consent page.

The information you provide to register is stored securely on our server, confidential and encrypted. This information we have will have been provided by you. Passwords are needed to access any data on the server should it be necessary. Your data is not shared with anyone and is only needed for you to access and run your account with us. Anyone who needs access to our website, for example due to a technical problem, will, as in the past, follow the same strict guidelines and ensure everything runs smoothly and is secure.

It is necessary for you to own and manage your own account so only you, and anyone you give permission to work for you, can post under your name on our site. The process also helps to prevent spam posts.

Your Rights:

You have the legal right to ask what information we hod on you, but in almost all cases this will have been provided by you. You may request a copy, correct or update information if it is out of date.

By using our website you agree to us emailing you using the address you supplied to thank you for posting on our site, confirm your payments and occasionally to send you news which is related to your account and important. You have the right to unsubscribe from this mailing but in doing so some vital emails regarding payments and your listings would not be sent.

Unless you have specifically asked us not to, we may occasionally send you emails regarding discounts and offers (from our own website alone, not third parties) which we think will be helpful to you.

We will use the contact details you gave us to communicate with you about your account.

Your information will be held while you have an account with us. If you delete your account, it will only be held by us as long as is necessary by law, then deleted.

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